Reba Dickerson-Hill, a creative, prolific and accomplished artist in Watercolor, Oil, Pen & Ink, and Sumi-e (Oriental Brush Painting), was exhibited widely and is represented in numerous corporate, university and private collections in the US and abroad.

Some of her best works are represented in several notable private and public collections including the University of Exeter, England and the Esterhazy Palace, Austria. She is recognized In the Encyclopedia of American Sumi-e Artists (Japan) and Who’s Who in the East (1992-1993) and in the 17th Annual Exhibition of the Sumi-e Society of America, her Sumi-e painting, “The Mountainwon the ASF Purchase Award for contemporary landscape, and in 1984 her painting The Philosopherwas used on the cover of the Sumi-e Society of America Quarterly. She was a Life Member, and also served on the Board of Directors of the Philadelphia Watercolor Club.



Sakana, Mixed Media Painting by Artist Reba Dickerson-Hill

<- Left: Sakana, Mixed Media on Canvas 24″×36″ (60.96×91.44)cm

Catalogue Page 36

-> Right: The Fire Within, Mixed Media Collage on Canvas 37″ × 29″ (93.35×73.66)cm

Catalogue Page 40

<- Left: Vail Colorado, Watercolor 31.5″×26.5″ (80.01×67.31)cm

-> Right One: Patriarch, Sumi-e 36.2″×30.5″ (92.07×77.47)cm

-> Right Two: Westmont Street, Pen & Ink 9″×12″ (22.86×30.48)cm

<- Left One: The Philosopher, Sumi-e 16″× 20″ (40.64×50.80)cm

<- Left Two: Sensei, Pen&Ink 9″×12″ (22.86×30.48)cm


-> Right: “Mountains” 1970 Sumi-e on rice paper 30.75″x33.25”(78.106×84.45)cm

<- Left: Fishermen of The Camarque, Watercolor 36″×27.75″ (91.44×70.485)cm